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From the Screamsheets, 2/2/2019

You may be battling dragons in the Polar Vortex but you can still read From the Screamsheets, our weekly look at where R. Talsorian Games and our stuff is being chatted up on the NET!

This week we’re peeking at GenCon 2019, moments from the past, plenty of neat stuff from the present, more Actual Play, and our regular From the Screamsheets trivia contest!

R. Talsorian Heading to GenCon

This week we can confirm R. Talsorian Games will be at GenCon 2019! We’ll have more information on booth location and events once that’s fully sorted! Meanwhile, please enjoy these pictures of days of GenCon past.


Lisa and Cody Pondsmith at GenCon 1995. Photo courtesy of Steve Jackson Games.


Mike and Mordequai96 at GenCon 2018. Thanks to Mordequai96 for the photo.

LARPing the Hell out of Cyberpunk

Jackalope Studios has begun selling tickets for their upcoming Cyberpunk 2020 Night City LARP! Want to know more? Check out the Q&A video! Its looking pretty epic, choombas!

CharGen Challenge and Cyberpunk Goodies

  • This week we introduced the CharGen Challenge! We provide a name and some guidelines, you create the character and send it in. In two weeks (from the posting date) we’ll show off your work here on the blog! This challenge: Cherry Bomb!
  • And if you’re looking for interesting bits to add to your Cyberpunk 2020 campaign, check out the work over at Voices in my Head. Its an amazing blog showing off fantastic fan made content for the game.

Verbal Combat Revealed!

Verbal Combat is one of the neatest additions to Interlock from The Witcher TRPG. The HIntPlays Actual Play team has been kind enough to snip out an example of verbal combat from their first season of their Witcher campaign and offer it up as an example of how the system provides structure for social interaction without replacing it with a minigame of die rolls.

Things to Check Out

We want to thank Game Kastle in Santa Klara, California for spotlighting The Witcher TRPG in their latest “What’s new at the store” video.

And, if you want to touch base with the Cyberpunk 2020 community, we recommend checking out the Cyberpunk 2020 Google+ Group before Google shuts it down. You’ll find some amazing stuff and meet some fellow fans.

For Your Ears

Looking for something to listen to?

  • The Dark Future Dice Actual Play campaign of Cyberpunk 2020 has posted their fourth episode!
  • And, while this wasn’t from this week, check out this interview with Mike Pondsmith on Gamer’s Tavern from 2016. Its one of the best overviews of Mike’s career ever done.

The From the Screamsheets Trivia Contest!

At the end of each From the Screamsheets, we ask a trivia question and invite people to send in their answers. From the correct answers received, we randomly pick one winner to receive one currently published R. Talsorian Games PDF of their choice. Last week’s question:

Not counting the Hardwired or When Gravity Fails supplements for Cyberpunk, R. Talsorian Games has produced five licensed tabletop roleplaying games over the course of the company’s history. Please name all five.

Answer: Dream Park the Roleplaying GameBubblegum Crisis: MegaTokyo 2033Dragonball Z the Anime Adventure Game, Armored Trooper VOTOMS: the Roleplaying Game, and The Witcher Tabletop Roleplaying Game.

Congratulations to John Nixon, who answered correctly and won a PDF copy of Mekton Zeta!

And here’s this week’s question!

Friday Night Firefight is, famously, the name of the combat system in Cyberpunk and Cyberpunk 2020R. Talsorian Games created three additional systems with day/time based names which serve as add-ons or alternative rules for FFNF. What are these three systems called? Here’s a hint: While there are three systems, they can be found in two books.

Know the answer? Fill out the form below for your chance to win an R. Talsorian Games PDF!

That’s all this week! Keep your swords sharp, your giant robots polished, and stay safe on the street. See you next week for more From the Screamsheets!

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