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Harvesting the Continent

We’ve kept this one quiet but its a book we’ve been working on since The Witcher TRPG went on sale last August. The truth is, we’re all big fans of games like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon at the R. Talsorian Games offices, but its never made sense to incorporate a farm simulation system into one of our games before. Cyberpunk is too urban. Castle Falkenstein too narrative a game.

Then came The Witcher TRPG and we realized THIS was our chance. The writing began immediately. Four hundred pages later, we’re proud to say Farms and Fields is on schedule for a release at GenCon 2019 alongside A Witcher’s Journal.

Farms & Fields Cover

Farms and Fields will contain:

  • A full guide to the crops and livestocks of the Continent, complete with growing seasons, trade value, growing and harvesting DCs, and medicinal properties.
  • A step-by-step system for growing a farm, planting crops, caring for livestock, and expanding your holding.
  • A random events table which can bring fortune in the form of events like a sorcerer’s blessing or misfortune in the form of events like an increased tax bill.
  • Thirty new beasts of burden and livestock animals, each with their own Lifepath. Why have a cow when you can have a cow with a name?
  • A new Profession, the Peasant, who can weaponize intolerance, perform mighty feats of labor, and mix up a folk magic all their own.

Can’t wait until August 1st? Here’s a sneak peek of the Peasant class, ready for you to download and use in your game.



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  1. Finally, an opportunity to play a fulfilling game without all that troublesome combat – unless you have to break up a kerfuffle in the cow shed of course! Covering off arable and livestock farming in a single book is very brave – I hope you have enough material left for some other Witcher books, although I can’t see the player characters wanting to stray far from the farm once this is out. 🙂

  2. In all my 1 years of GMing I have never seen such a promising expansion. R. Talsorian has really captured not only the gritty feel of the Witcher universe, where every NPC expresses intolerance the moment you go to get paid, but also the compulsive micromanagement that game masters live for.

    This will no doubt save countless hours that would have been wasted on homebrewing stats to make wheat and grain truely feel mechanically distinct. And don’t get me started on the sorely needed flax and barely’s magic effects!

    Keep your scythes sharp R. T crew.

  3. Great april’s fool gag! Hilarious. Maybe i’ll use this peasant class as a mob squad against my players. 🙂

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