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Dark Future: New Art, New Adventure

Hello, Choombas! We’ve got a treat for you today. Not one but two juicy pieces of Cyberpunk info for you to sink your vampires into!

New Art

First, our art director, Jaye Kovach, has decided it is time to share a piece of art from the upcoming Cyberpunk Red core rulebook with you! She’s been working hard with a number of artists to ensure we’re showing off the best (and the worst!) Night City and the world of Cyberpunk has to offer.

This particular piece is called Nails and was created for us by Columbian concept artist, Santiago Betancur.


More art for the Cyberpunk Red core rulebook comes pouring into the R. Talsorian Games offices every day and, with a little luck, Jaye will let us show off another piece or two soon!

The Adventure

Last December, our general manager (and thus, our best GM by default!) Cody Pondsmith ran a Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit adventure for the crew of Dicebreaker. If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it below. Fair warning, though, if you’re a Cyberpunk player and not a GM, you might want to wait to watch the video because…

We’ve decided to make the adventure Cody ran, Red Chrome Cargo, available as a bit of free DLC for the Jumpstart Kit! Just click on the link below and you can download this adventure in Screamsheet format, complete with stats for a new toy (an automated turret).


Once you’ve played Red Chrome Cargo, check out how the folks at Dicebreaker handled the same adventure! We promise there’s blood, drugs, and rock and roll!

That’s all we have from the Dark Future for now! Until next time, stay safe in the streets.

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  1. Nice! I need to pick up the jumpstart kit.

    Can all the downloadable extras for the jumpstart kit get added to the downloads section? There’s getting to be quite a few of them now.

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