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Witcher Core Book Update

While preparing for the second printing of the Witcher TRPG core rulebook we went through and made some revisions. If you own the digital version you can download the new file over at DriveThruRPG.

You can download just the errata document here:

Witcher Core Book Errata v1.3

Thanks so much for supporting The Witcher TRPG and R. Talsorian Games!


The Witcher



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  1. That’s good news! Will the second printing contain all the corrections from the errata? Do you have a rough ETA for the availability of that printing?

  2. we brazilians already have a publisher who will translate the core book, do you know which print will be?

  3. Has the second printing happened? I would like to pick up a new physical copy but have been waiting for the second printing.

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