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Castle Falkenstein: A Free Adventure Entertainment

Greetings, friends!

It is with great excitement that we announce the first R. Talsorian Games publication for Castle Falkenstein, our award-winning roleplaying game of High Adventure in the Age of Steam, in quite a while!


Entitled Babbage’s Engine, this Adventure Entertainment can be downloaded from DriveThruRPG at no cost! Need a bit of inspiration to do so? Please read the description below!

A brass band plays as hundreds of onlookers crowd the railway platform, eager to catch a glimpse of the Duchess Elisabeth as she departs on her maiden journey along the new Paris-München-Vienna Express Line. This train, the most advanced in the world, will allow travel from one end to the other in a mere two days instead of the normal three! Operated by an advanced Babbage Engine and appointed with the finest of luxuries, this train represents the firm alliance of France, Bayern, and the Austrian- Hungarian Empire and serves as a showpiece of their technological prowess.

A prowess one particular mastermind covets with all his black heart…

Babbage’s Engine has a particularly interesting history as a Castle Falkenstein Adventure Entertainment. It was first published as A Dire Plot, written by Steve Kenson, in issue 6 of The Adventures Unlimited magazine. Years later, Mister Kenson graciously allowed Fat Goblin Games, at the time licensing Castle Falkenstein, to revise and release the Adventure Entertainment as Babbage’s Engine.

Now, we are pleased to announce Babbage’s Engine has come home to R. Talsorian Games! If you have a previous version of the Adventure Entertainment, we do ask you to download this one as well. We have taken the opportunity to make a few small corrections, add some guidance when it comes to things going “off the rails”, and mix up the collection of sample Dramatic Characters.

This is only the first of many new additions from the world of Castle Falkenstein we will be releasing in the coming year so, please, keep us in mind for all your Victorian gaming needs.

Until next time, we wish you nothing but the greatest of fortune!

6 thoughts on “Castle Falkenstein: A Free Adventure Entertainment Leave a comment

  1. Loving the updates via Facebook into the Falkenstein lore. I’ve always been interested in Steampunk, but this has easily cinched it for me!

    • Thank you! We will have a gallery of Dispatches from New Europa here on this site by the end of the month.

  2. This looks like a great adventure, thanks for sharing it again. I’m hoping to get an opportunity to run this as part of my “I really need to actually play and run more games in 2020” plan.

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