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TFOS: The Aces High Gang

Before Witcher, before Castle Falkenstein, and before even Cyberpunk there was… Teenagers from Outerspace. The first commercial anime tabletop roleplaying game, TFOS (as we often call it) introduced many of the elements of what would be come the Interlock gaming system and, along with ToonParanoia, and Tales from the Floating Vagabond, it serves as one of the pillars of comedy TRPGs.


TFOS 3rd edition cover, art by Bryant Velez

The premise of Teenagers from Outerspace is a simple one. Alien teenagers are on earth, going to high school. Why? Who cares! It’s funny! And with that wacky concept in mind, the game allows you to play a human, a near-human, a not-very-near human, or a real wierdie and have powers ranging from the ability to “monster out” (transform into a 50 foot tall rubber monster at will) to waving a wand to make things happen “magical girl” style to the greatest super power of all, being “filthy rich”!

Which Brings Us to Aces High…

For over a year, the LaughLoveLindy channel has been playing a campaign of Teenagers from Outerspace once per month. There, four students of Aces High have gone through all the high school tropes: summer camp, a trip to the mall, a game of the world’s most popular fantasy roleplaying game, first dates, prom… and so much more.

Every month, people flock to watch the Saturday morning game as @KiennaS does their level best to follow the madcap comedy stylings of @Grimjack21502 as CC, the coolest kid in school, @LaughLoveLindy as Correlia, the tentacle-haired student who is never without her wrap around mirrorshades and (eventually) pet lobster, @ProducerTrav as Derek, a refuge from a 1950s B movie with a regulation chastity thong, and @emmawrote as John Smith, who we promise is a totally original character and legally distinct from any other time-hopping, immortal, scarf-wearing alien.

Seriously, this is quite honestly one of the most heartwarming and hilarious Actual Plays on that vast world we call the Internet. It will actually restore your faith in humanity, even though no one is playing a human.

Which Brings Us to the Swag!

To celebrate one year of the Aces High TFOS campaign, we’ve worked with Kienna, Grimjack, Lindy, Trav, and Emma to produce official character sheets for CC, Correlia, Derek, and John Smith! You can consider each of these characters canon (if such a thing exists!) to the Teenagers from Outerspace universe (such as it is!).


We’ve compiled the character sheet for the four cool kids of Aces High into a single PDF you can download by clicking on the link below.


Play them yourself, use them to run a convention game or a one-shot, or throw them into your own TFOS game as NPCs! Either way, enjoy the comedy and remember to stay cool, kids.

Stay cool.


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