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Toss a Coin: Rodolf Returns with Crossbow Goodies!

Hello, one and all!

On this fine final Friday of February we’re bringing you some new DLC for the Witcher TRPG. Our good friend Rodolf Kazmer has returned with a wagon-load of new goods!

As many fans of the Witcher TRPG knows, Rodolf wasn’t always a merchant. He spent some time as an arbalist during the Second Nilfgaardian War and, thus, crossbows will always have a special place in his heart.

Crossbow Art

Accordingly, our favorite Dwarven merchant has assembled a selection of five different crossbow upgrades which can be used to make your mechanical ranged weapon more accurate, easier to load, effective in melee, more damaging, or more likely to shoot someone’s eye out.

You can download Rodolf’s Wagon #3: Crossbow Upgrades from the Game Aids section on this site or by clicking on the link below.


Until next time, keep your swords sharp!


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  1. You guys need to checkout the slingshot channel on YouTube, there is even upgrades for bows. Imagine hearing “let me show you its features” and some guy shows you his bow has a ROF since he has a arrow magazine built in it. He would also be great in Cyberpunk, Balance Town would be wrecked in a week with this guy and his 30 magazine full auto crossbow (300+ arrows a minute).

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