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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Elflines Online

R. Talsorian Games appreciates the merriment of April Fool’s Day but we still believe you deserve a treat with your trick.


… do we have our holidays mixed up?

Whatever. The point is, our April 1st tradition is sharing up something a little silly but still utterly and absolutely useful in play. Like when we added the Peasant Profession to the Witcher TRPG or a fishing mini-game to Teenagers from Outerspace.

In that vein, we’re proud to offer the best way ever to play an elf in a Cyberpunk game!

What is Elflines Online? Is it the best MMO ever produced, available exclusively on the Segotari Rush Revolution VR console? Is it a way to fill the yawning void of despair in your Cyberpunk RED Character’s life? Is it, perhaps, the latest DLC content we’re offering you for free, all while taking advantage of our extensive collection of Gwent art?


And you can download it here.

Cyberpunk RED. Now withy 100% more virtual elves!





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