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Free Stuff!

While we’re working on new stuff for your favorite games, we thought we’d remind you of the free DLC we have available to enhance your roleplaying experience.

Cyberpunk RED is having a moment and there’s plenty of free content already available! Want help converting weapons from Cyberpunk 2020 to RED? Then check out Old Guns Never Die! Need something to run quick? The Red Chrome Cargo Screamsheet’s a perfect one session mission! Want to add an interesting piece of tech to the game? Check out the Rocklin Augmentics Cyberchair line! And if you need to grab a pregenerated Character or NET Architecture, you’ll want the Single Shot Pack! Of course, no game of Cyberpunk RED would be complete without the rules for Elflines Online, the most popular MMO in Night CIty! And if you have questions about the rules, consult with the Cyberpunk RED FAQ!

If fantasy’s more your thing, there’s plenty of free content available for The Witcher TRPG as well, like the Rodolf’s Wagon series! Rodolf’s Wagon #1 adds new gear and items. Rodolf’s Wagon #2 shows off Rodolf himself, in case you want to add the best Dwarven merchant ever to your game. Rodolf’s Wagon #3 adds unique crossbow upgrades and Rodolf’s Wagon #4 gives you mundane potions even non-witchers can drink safely. And did we mention the single best Profession of all? The Peasant! We don’t promise it is balanced but it is fun!

That’s not all, though! If you prefer your fantasy a bit more gentile, we’ve got a few free offerings for Castle Falkenstein! Over on DriveThruRPG, you’ll find two Adventure Entertainments ready for download at no cost! Babbage’s Engine places the Dramatic Characters on the most advanced train in the world while The Black Lady of Brodick Castle sees them in a haunted castle. If you wish to add classic fictional nations to your Falkenstein campaign, Miss Peril’s Guide to the Globe is a must download. And the rules to add Clockwork Prosthetics can enhance any session of the Great Game!

With remote gaming and the internet, now is the perfect time to try a new game. We hope these fifteen free downloads will help you make whatever game of our’s you choose to play a richer and more rewarding experience!

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