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Cyberpunk RED Alert: The Data Screen!

Good morning, Night City!

The Cyberpunk RED Data Screen is now available from the R. Talsorian Games webstore and from DriveThruRPG! It should be hitting store shelves soon and we’ve uploaded the files to Bits and Mortar, so if you’re ordering/buying the screen from a participating retailer, they should be able to give you the digital version as well!

Please note, while we participate in the Bits and Mortar program as a publisher we do not participate in it as a retailer.

The Cyberpunk RED Data Screen is four panels of chonky goodness, packed to bursting with tables and important rules on the GM-facing side and with a gorgeous cityscape of Night City on the player-facing side! If you’re going digital, you’ll get PDFs of both sides as individual panels for your vinyl insert screen of choice, an additional dark mode PDF of the GM-facing side, and a JPG of the player-facing side as a whole image!

Thanks for your support, choombas, and stay safe on The Street!




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