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RTG Update 06.25.21

Fair warning, this post will be a long one. We’re covering a lot of ground here.

2020 was a hell of a year and 2021 is shaping up to be just as unpredictable, so we’re checking in to let you know where we are with a variety of projects across the Cyberpunk RED and The Witcher TTRPG lines. We’ll be giving you updates on projects we’ve previously announced and giving you a sneak peak at some new projects in this post.

Just to remind you, the world’s supply chains are somewhat messed up. As a result, printing schedules can be hard to predict and shipping schedules next to impossible. We want to thank you for sticking with us through some rather complex times. One more caveat: until it hits print, it is subject to change, so details provided in this post might differ from the final products on sale.

Cyberpunk RED

We’ve got some nova stuff coming up for Cyberpunk RED. Here’s the details!

Cyberpunk RED Data Screen

The player-facing side of the Cyberpunk RED Data Screen. Two Edgerunners pose against the Night City skyline.
The GM-facing side of the Cyberpunk RED Data Screen. A collection of tables and rules.

The Cyberpunk RED Data Screen puts the tables you need to run the game all on a beautiful, thick four panel GM screen with a gorgeous view of Night City on the reverse side. As we mentioned previously, the initial run turned out poorly and we had to go back to press. We’re happy to announce the new run of Data Screens turned out great. They’re being shipping out to distributors as we speak and we’ll begin selling the Cyberpunk RED Data Screen on our webstore and DriveThruRPG next Wednesday (6/30/21).

Cyberpunk RED Data Pack

There’s all manner of tools a Cyberpunk RED campaign needs to run smooth and that’s what the Data Pack is all about! Inside the Cyberpunk RED Data Pack, gamers will find:

  • 6 new Screamsheet Adventures: Hilaria 2045, The Digital Divas Burn it Down, Don’t Fear the Reaper, Cargo Race, Snuff, and Thrillkill.
  • 6 Twenty Things in Night City lists: 20 Freelancers, 20 Hotspots, 20 People in the Subway, 20 Safehouses, 20 Things in a Subdermal Pocket, and 20 Vendors at Mister Kernaghan’s Midnight Market. Pick and choose or roll randomly. Either way, you’ll love the new people, places, and organizations these lists add to Night City.
  • 6 map sheets, 11×17. The sheets are double sided and each has a mate somewhere in the pack so you can combine them to create a large 22×17 map to lay out on your table. Don’t worry, we made sure not to put the mate for map A on the back of map A, making it impossible to lay them side by side! These maps were created thanks to a new partnership with one of the best mapmakers in gaming. We’ll have more information about that particular collaboration for you soon!
  • And breaking our “6” theme, there will be a pad of double-sided character sheets. We’ve rejiggered the 3 page sheet from the core rulebook to fit onto 2 pages.

Work on the Cyberpunk RED Data Pack is complete. We’re currently in preflight with our printer and hope to get it on the machines soon.

Black Chrome

Black Chrome will be a book about stuff and how you get it. Inside you’ll find new gear of all sorts, from weapons to fashion, as well as essays that explain more about how the economy works in the Time of the Red. Currently, Black Chrome is in development as we fine tune both the rules and the presentation to be as great as the Chromebooks of 2020.

Interface RED, Volume 1

By now, we’ve hopefully made you aware of many free PDFs (aka DLC) we’ve put out for Cyberpunk RED. You can download them, at no charge, and use them in your games. Some of you might also remember the old Cyberpunk 2020 magazine known as Interface, where new rules and lore were shared with the world. We’ve decided to take the peanut butter and chocolate of those two ideas and combine them into a great new product: Interface RED. Interface RED will be a 64(ish) page book containing some of the DLC we’ve released for free into the wild as well as new, exclusive content. Volume 1 will see Old Guns Never Die, Cyberchairs, Elflines Online, Elflines Online Expansion Pack 1, and the Single Shot Pack make it to print for the first time. Interface RED Volume 1 will also include brand new content, including stats on the Zhirafa GRAF3 and some of its more security-focused cousins.

We’re looking forward to making Interface RED a semi-regular product but for volume 2 to happen we need to make sure there’s a demand. So, please support it!

Cyberpunk RED Core Rulebook

We’ve done it again! The Cyberpunk RED core rulebook has sold through its second printing. We no longer have it in stock at our webstore but you might be able to find it in the wild. Check with your friendly local game store to see if they, or their distributors, have it in stock. As we speak, the third printing is at the printer and we took the opportunity to make a few more corrections. Most of them were minor typo fixes but here are more important ones you’ll find in the third printing.

  • Page 102 and 356: The cost of High Fashion jewelry has been changed to 5,000 (Luxury).
  • Page 121: The chapter subheader has been changed to read 2023 (22 Years Ago).
  • Page 145: In the Charismatic Impact in Action sidebar, the DV for influencing the bartender has been changed from DV10 to DV8.
  • Page 181: A Data Pop was added. It reads: Damage caused by environmental factors like fire and radiation cannot cause Critical Injuries. Neither can poisons, drugs, or biotoxins unless their description specifically says they can.
  • Page 186: The word still has been removed from the Taking Damage rulebox. Ablation only occurs if the amor is penetrated and the target takes damage to their HP.
  • Page 363: The text for Grafted Muscle and Bone Lace now reads: Increases BODY by 2. The increase changes HP, Wound Threshold, and Death Save. Multiple installments stack. Cannot raise BODY above 10.
  • Page 412: The Boosterganger’s BODY and Death Save have been changed to 2. All other numbers remain the same.
  • Page 415: The Security Officer has been updated. They now have Stealth 8 (6) and Tactics 6 and an SP of 12 for both Head and Body Armor.
  • All instances of Danger Girl have been changed to reflect the company’s actual name, Danger Gal.

We’ll be updating the PDF version of Cyberpunk RED and the errata a bit closer to the third printing’s release. We’ll shout loud once we have the books in our hands, promise.

The Witcher TTRPG

This is going to be a great year for The Witcher TTRPG! Here’s an update on what’s going on.

Book of Tales

Book of Tales is a collection of six adventures which we promise are absolutely true tales of daring and romance from across the Continent, all as told by the world’s greatest bard, Dandelion. The six adventures in the book are: Underneath the Ice, In the Alderwood, Stone Cold Lies, Murder in Maribor, Enter the Fighting Pits, and The Maiden Surrounded by Butterflies. They can be played individually or strung together to make a full campaign. You’ll also find new weapons and items, new spells, and rules for playing (as PCs and NPCs) gnomes, vran, and werebbubbs. That’s right. We’ve got your beaver people right here for ya! Book of Tales is currently at the printer.

Tome of Chaos

The cover image of Tome of Chaos. A Sorceress demonstrates a spell to a group of students.

Need a guide to magic? Need it to provide new spells, new hexes, rules for minor magical talents, a new Druid and a new Priest Profession, rules for necromancy and demon summoning, a new adventure, background on the religions and magical schools of the Continent, a Mage Lifepath, cheese divination, and more? Good news! We’ve finished the writing on it and Tome of Chaos, our guide to magic, has entered layout. It’ll be bursting at the seams with magic by the time we’re done.

Rodolf’s Guide to the Continent, Volume 1

The title really says it all. Dwarven merchant Rodolf (with a little help) will be giving a personal tour of the Continent. Volume 1 will focus on the North and will be the definitive gazetteer for everything on that side of the Nilfgaardian border. Expect a lot of new lore as well as a solid condensation of current lore from all available sources. Currently, Rodolf’s Guide is in the initial planning stage as we sort out specifics and bring in writers.

The Witcher TTRPG Essentials Dice Set

The Witcher TTRPG Essentials Dice. Tan dice with sepia markings. 6d6, each marked with a different Witcher school sigil, and 2d10s.

We’re psyched to share this one with you all. We’ve given away custom Witcher dice at conventions in the past as a promotional item but, for the first time, we’re thrilled to be offering a full set of dice designed and forged by our friends over at Q Workshop. These beauties should be hitting our warehouses in the coming weeks and we’ll let you know as soon as they’re up for sale.

Thanks for making your way through the entire update! We’re working hard on making sure you have the best stuff for your Cyberpunk RED and The Witcher TTRPG games! We’ll keep you updated as things progress with everything mentioned above. We’ll also be announcing some new projects as the year goes on.

Until next time, keep your swords sharp and stay safe on The Street!

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  1. The Interface RED book is a great idea, it would be great if you could make a similar book for The Witcher.

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