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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Loke and RTG Team Up!

We’ve hinted about an epic map team up in the past and today we’re finally ready to announce it!

R. Talsorian Games is teaming up with Loke Battle Mats, creators of the innovative layflat Big Book of Battle Mats line! Loke’s Big Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats and their individual cyberpunk-themed maps, are now official maps for Cyberpunk RED.

Loke Battle Mats’ Books of CyberPunk Battle Mats covers a wide range of essential encounter areas, so you will have the map for any dark future adventure at your fingertips. From neon lit streets to imposing Corporate lobbies, derelict container dumps and shanty towns to futuristic street cafés, the map you need is here. The Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats is available in two sizes: Big (each page is roughly Letter size in the US) and Giant (each page is roughly Tabloid size in the US).

You can order the Book of CyberPunk Battle Mats to use with your Cyberpunk RED campaign directly from Loke and grab the maps in digital from DriveThruRPG. Retailers can order the books from PSI in North America and and number of distribution partners in the UK and EU.

Loke maps will also feature in our upcoming product, the Cyberpunk RED Data Pack as well as future Cyberpunk RED books.

With dice from Q Workshop, miniatures from Monster Fight Club, and soundsets from Syrinscape, and now official maps from Loke Battle Mats, Cyberpunk RED has some of the best accessories available to anyone playing a game in the Dark Future.

Until next time, stay safe on The Street!




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