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Cyberpunk DLC Day: The Fast and the Furriest

Happy Friday, choombas!

Our friends at Rocket Adrift have been running their Dark Future Dice Actual Play podcast for nearly three years! During that time they’ve played two seasons of their main campaign using Cyberpunk 2020, a full side campaign using Cyberpunk RED, and a mini-campaign of Teenagers from Outer Space!

This week Rocket Adrift released their final episode of The Fast and the Furriest, their Cyberpunk RED side campaign all about what happens when two Exotics, a shark Tech and a rabbit Nomad join a street race circuit known as the 3am Rush. As they careen from race to race, they’ll have to deal with gangs, Megacorporations, the mob, a pissed off cop, and their own deep-seated emotional issues when it comes to family.

To celebrate finale of The Fast and the Furriest, we’re sharing sheets for the two main characters: Finn Diesel and Lucky. Not only are these fantastic Lieutenant-level Characters you can pop into your game, they’re also modeling the new 2-page Character Sheet we’ll be including in the upcoming Cyberpunk RED Data Pack!

You can download the sheets from the DLC section of this site or by clicking on this link.

Until next time, stay safe on The Street!





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