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Happy Holidays!

Good morrow, friends! As of today, we’re shuttering the R. Talsorian offices for our annual winter break. We’ll be back in early January.

Before we dive into our end of your hibernation, though, we wanted to update you on The Witcher TTRPG. Until recently, the core rulebook for Witcher was out of stock as we had sold through our second printing. We’re happy to say the third printing is finished, in our warehouse, and available for sale.

Standard operating procedure whenever we do a new printing is to incorporate any changes or updates needed into the book and when we update the physical book we also update the digital version.

However, this time we’re going a step further. Fans of Cyberpunk RED will know we stepped up our digital game with the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook by including hyperlinking within the document as well as alt text for all the images. We’re looking to upgrade the newest version of the Witcher TTRPG core PDF to do the same and that takes a bit more time. We’re aiming to have the updated PDF available via DriveThruRPG and Bits and Mortar early next year (if you’ve already purchased it, you’ll be able to download the new version from your library at no charge).

In the meanwhile, we’ll list out the errata new to the third printing below. A full and updated errata document will go live with the new core PDF in January.

Third Printing Errata

  • The AE column has been removed from all Shield listings.
  • Page 63. Patch Job has been updated to note it can restore weapons and shields to half their full reliability.
  • Page 65. The following sentence has been added to Zweihand: Zweihand can only be used with melee weapons.
  • Page 70. Iron Stomach has been changed. It now reads: After decades of drinking toxic witcher potions, witcher bodies adapt to the toxins. A witcher can endure +5% more toxicity from drinking potions and decoctions at level 1 and +5% every 2 levels after. At level 10, a witcher’s maximum toxicity increases one last time to 150%. This skill can be trained like other skills.
  • Page 102. The following sentence has been removed from the Cenlly Graig spell’s Effect: Each roll counts as its own attack.
  • Page 104. The following sentence has been removed from the Carys’ Hail spell’s Effect: Each roll counts as its own separate attack when determining location and dealing damage.
  • Page 105. The Effect of Rhwystr Graig has been updated to note the wall can be created anywhere within 20m and not 10m.
  • Page 114. Yrden has been updated. The Effect now reads: Yrden creates a large magic circle on the ground around you. Anything that steps into that circle takes a penalty to SPD and REF equal to 1 plus 1 for every 2 points of STA spent beyond the first, up to a maximum penalty of 4.The penalty lasts until they exit the circle. Any incorporeal creatures that enter the circle become corporeal.
  • The Investment and Components for Nilfgaardian Helm are now: Investment 537 | Dark Steel (x4), Hardened Leather (x1), Darkening Oil (x2), Drake Oil (x2), Linen (x1), Ashes (x10) Oil (x1)
  • Page 155. The section on Staged Penetration has been changed. It now reads: Attacks that hurt you also damage your armor, making it less resilient to further attacks. Each attack that penetrates a piece of armor and does damage to the wearer reduces the SP of the armor by 1 point. When the SP reaches 0, the armor is fully broken and no longer soaks any damage.
  • Page 156. The section on Reliability has been changed. It now reads: Reliability determines how easily an item can break. It applies if you attempt to block with a weapon or shield (see Defenses, pg. 164) and to fumbles (see Criticals and Fumbles). When an item’s reliability reaches 0 it’s useless for blocking or attacking. The item can be fixed with an appropriate crafting roll (see the Crafting section).
  • Page 164. A sidebar entitled Defense and Full Round Actions has been added. It reads: You can use a standard defensive action even if you’ve made a full-round action during the round. For example, you can still Dodge a sword strike even if you’ve spent the entire round in a Run.
  • Page 235. The choices for Is Sile De Tansarville Alive? were backwards, with the “Yes” text under no and vice versa. This has been fixed.
  • Page 255. The Components for the Biter Trap have been changed to Timber (x7), Thread (x5), Iron (x1), Zerrikanian powder (x1)
  • Page 271. Added Brawling +6 to the Bandit’s skill list and removed the extra Courage skill at the end.

That’s all for now. Once again, have a wonderful winter break and we’ll see you in 2022!


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