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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Hardened Mini Bosses

Happy Friday, choombas! Did you know each month R. Talsorian Games releases a PDF full of new content for Cyberpunk RED? And did you know each of these PDFs, which we cheekily call DLCs, are free for you to download?

Our January 2022 offering is Hardened Mini Bosses. This DLC is the third in the Hardened series, each taking one of the four classes of opponents (Mooks, Lieutenants, Mini Bosses, and Bosses) outlined in the Running Cyberpunk chapter of Cyberpunk RED (beginning on page 387) and giving them a power-up to make them more challenging against Crews with an abundance of combat ability.

The first two DLCs in the series covered Hardened Mooks and Hardened Lieutenants and you can snag them in the DLC section of our website.

Hardened Mini Bosses, the latest in the series, levels up the two Mini Bosses from the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook and introduces four new threats to throw at your Crew.

  • The Hardened Arasaka Assassin: Don’t let the name fool you. With a quick reskin this Mini Boss can be any form of melee-weapon oriented, quick moving opponent. In other words, a cyberninja.
  • The Hardened Executive Protection: The perfect bodyguard, complete with a Linear Frame to make their punches as lethal as any pistol and the martial arts skill needed to make each of those punches connect.
  • The Hardened Militech Veteran: A classic “I’m too old for this” Solo, ready to show the new kids in the Combat Zone how it was done back in their day. Sure, they’re hooked on Black Lace now, but they’re more than capable of kicking your backside.
  • The Hardened Outrider: Need a guide to take you into the Badlands? Or maybe a Raffin Shiv marauder to assault a caravan? Then the Outrider’s for you, complete with a badass roadbike and a jetski.
  • The Hardened Pyro: Thanks to a dip into the Tech Role, this new version of the Pyro’s upgraded their weapons so they can soften up the party at range, then move in for the fiery kill.
  • The Hardened Sniper: Sometimes, you want an opponent who can shoot the wings off a fly from 400 m/yds away. In that case, we recommend this gentlebeing. No matter the time of day or distance, they’re a deadly threat.

You can download Hardened Mini Bosses from the DLC section of this website of by clicking on this link. We’ll see you in February for more free content for Cyberpunk RED. Until next time, choombas, stay safe on The Street.





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