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Witcher: Lords and Lands Returns!

We’ve navigated the strange and uncertain waters of printing and shipping in this modern and turbulent world and achieved victory! The second printing of Lords and Lands, the GM Screen and expansion booklet for The Witcher TTRPG is finally back in stock!

This means you can order it from our webstore or ask your friendly local retailer to order it for you!

We also took the opportunity of this new printing to make one change to the Noble Profession. Namely, the text of the Dabble Skill. If you own Lords and Lands via DriveThruRPG or Bits and Mortar, please download the new version (v1.2) from your library. If you own a physical copy, download the errata! It comes with both the text typed out and a graphic you can print out on sticker paper and place in your booklet.

Thanks for playing The Witcher TTRPG and stay safe on the path!

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