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Witcher Watch: A Witcher’s Tools DLC

Salutations, friends! On this fine Friday, we of R. Talsorian Games feel naught but pride in our hearts as we share with new content to add to your The Witcher TTRPG arsenal.

As you may know, it has been our practice to, each month, release new “DLC” for our other major TTRPG line, Cyberpunk RED. Each DLC is a PDF exploring adding new items, rules, NPCs, and lore to the game. We have also done this in the past for The Witcher TTRPG with such offerings as The Peasant Profession, The Snail School, various Rodolf’s Wagons and, of course, The Manticore School. Yet, until now, we’ve never promised to make these Witcher DLCs a regular, monthly feature. That changes today! Starting this month and each month thereafter , we release into the world a new PDF bursting with content to download and add to your collection!

Cover for A Witcher's Tools. A Griffin Witcher brings a crossbow to bear against a winged enemy.

Titled A Witcher’s Tools, Our first monthly DLC brings to The Witcher TTRPG something much requested: specific arms and armor for each Witcher School, with rules allowing for Witcher Characters to begin play with swords (and other weapons) as well as armor appropriate to their School. Be warned, though! With the destruction of the Schools, such items can be quite rare. Witchers who begin play with School-specific items gain advantages on the battlefield but will become materially poorer for it.

You can download A Witcher’s Tools from the Game Aids and DLC section of our website or by clicking on this link.

Until next time, dear friends, stay safe on The Path!

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