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Witcher Watch: New DLC!

As teased earlier this month, we’ve a new, free PDF for The Witcher TTRPG!

Once again, our amazing merchant, Rodolf Kazmer, has returned to town with his wagon of wonders to sell an assortment of new alchemical items, gear, weapons, and even a bomb!

Need to see Rodolf’s manifest? Here you go!

  • New Alchemical Items: Adrenal Elixir, Ashen Ointment, Investigator’s Helper, Monkshood Poison, and Poisonous Lipcolouring.
  • New Items and Gear: Book of Tales, Black Magic Doll, Camouflage Cloak, Coin Splitter, Concealed Chest, Distillation Chamber, Dwarven Whetstone, Elven Instrument, Forager’s Guide, Magic Compass, Medical Censer, Miniature War Table, Pair of Braces, Potestaquisitor, Ring of Favor, Sound Amplifier, and Trapped Lock.
  • New Weapons: Field Doctor’s Syringe, Monster Catcher’s Net, Poisoned Harpy Claw, Scorpio, Sword Catcher, and Weighted Net.
  • New Bomb: Zerrikanian Sun
  • New Shield: Wyvern Scale Shield

Ready to download it for your own game? Head over to our DLC section or click here to grab Rodolf’s Wagon: A Professional’s Tools now!

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