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Tales of the RED Update: Locations!

Good morning, choombas! As promised, we’re bringing you another update on Tales of the RED, our upcoming book of full-length Cyberpunk RED missions! This week, we’re going to tease a few locations Edgerunners may be visiting if they undertake the nine jobs in the book.

But first! Here’s an update on release dates. As we mentioned previously, we’re debuting the physical book at Gen Con 2022 (August 4 thru 7) at Booth #1841 with the book hopefully hitting store shelves a few weeks later! Here’s the new news: We’ll also be releasing Tales of the RED digitally via DriveThruRPG at the same time (roughly 10am Eastern on Thursday, August 4).

We’ll also be uploading the file to Bits and Mortar at the same time so if your local gaming store participates and if they’re the type to do preorders, they’ll be able to give you the PDF right away!

Please note, R. Talsorian Games participates in Bits and Mortar as a publisher but not as a retailer. We don’t give the PDF away with the books we sell, either via our webstore or at conventions. Please be aware.

With that said, let’s move onto the preview! Players beware, the locations we’re about to share might be considered minor spoilers for the missions in Tales of the RED.

Three images: A group of people with digital zombie filters hang out in a club, a submersible floats in front of a large metal structure underwater, and a map of a beautiful plaza with a central stage area.

From left to right: Inside Delrium (art by Shen Fei), Beneath Night City’s waters (art by Neil Branquinho), and Night City Plaza (cartography by Saga Mackenzie).

  • Choombas visiting Delirium go for the atmosphere. Hell, they go for several atmospheres. Delirium is a virtuality club and you get to pick which overlay you’ll be seeing. So, you might be hanging out with zombies while your mate, standing next to you, is digging the industrial robot vibe. The overlays change both the environment and the staff and club goers to fit the theme.
  • Considering Night City’s a coastal ‘berg, we’ve done precious little beneath the waves but that changes with Tales of the RED! You’ll be venturing deep beneath the waters to see bits of the city abandoned for decades!
  • And if you want something nicer, head to Night City Plaza in The Glen. This gorgeous piece of Corporate-funded urban planning gives those residents of Night City who can afford it a beautiful, relaxing green space in which to chill, play, and watch shows.
Three images: A busy bazaar inside an abandoned shopping plaza, two indigent people in a tent city, and a red tinged rooftop in the middle of the Hot Zone.

From left to right: RC Night Market (art by Bad Moon Art Studio), Tent City (art by Dani Hartel), Hot Zone Rooftops (art by Ernanda Souza).

  • What most people call the RC Night Market isn’t actually a single Night Market but several, run by different Fixers on different days but all in the same location. With a number of different vendors present, you’ll be able to find everything from locksmithing services to the foodstuffs you’ll need to approximate Japanese cuisine in your own Cargo Container!
  • As Night City’s rebuilt, those without housing of their own get pushed to the edges. In this case, to the edge of the Hot Zone, where a massive tent city has been haphazardly constructed by the many indigent residents who have nowhere else to go.
  • Speaking of the Hot Zone, there’s a good chance your Crew will be taking a trip to the rooftops to see the gorgeous red skies, the awe-inspiring wrecked buildings, and the radioactive winds blowing across the surface. Fun, huh?

That’s it for this week, choombas! We’ll be back next week with another preview of Tales of the RED. Until then, stay safe on The Street!

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