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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Must Have DLC!

Happy end of the month, choombas!

As most of you know, each month we create and share a free PDF full of Cyberpunk RED goodness giving you new gear, near lore, new systems, and new ideas for your game!

This month’s no different and we’re happy to bring you Must Have Cyberware Deals Buy Now! Do Not Miss Out!!!

An Edgerunner with dark skin and a purple mohawk lays on a mattress in their cargo container. They're resting their head on a cyberpillow popped up from their arm and watching their Agent.

What’s inside, you ask? Great question! This new DLC adds twelve new pieces of cyberware to your game, including the classic CapsuleCo Cyberpillow (pictured above) to the PerfectFit Cyberfoot (never have to worry about your shoe size again!).

You can download Must Have Cyberware Deals Buy Now! Do Not Miss Out!!! from our site’s DLC section or by clicking this link.

Also, an update from The Witcher team: They apologize for the lack of a DLC this month but they’re working hard on something extraordinary and it is taking longer than expected. We’ll be releasing it next month.

Thanks and stay safe on The Street!

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