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Cyberpunk RED Alert + Witcher Watch + Falkenstein Fest!

Morning, choombas! We’ve got a fair amount to share with you this week. Including new Cyberpunk RED DLC, something amazing from Humble Bundle, and more!

We imagine, by now, many of you have seen the new teaser-trailer for Cyberpunk 2077: Liberty Phantom from our partners at CD Projekt Red but, just in case…

Our congratulations, by the way, to the team behind Arcane: League of Legends, for winning Best Adaption at the Game Awards last night. It is an amazing show and absolutely deserved it!

And, in case you didn’t know, Humble Bundle has an amazing deal this month! You can grab every single PDF for both our Witcher TTRPG line and our Castle Falkenstein TTRPG line for an incredibly low price and support the Starlight Children’s Foundation in the process! Click here to see it!

Now! Onto this month’s DLC for Cyberpunk RED.

Actually, before we share it, we’d like to make sure you redownload last month’s DLC, Spinning Your Wheels. There was an error concerning the rules for bulletproof glass on bicycles – it was listed as having SP (stopping power, like armor) and not HP (making it cover). This has been corrected in version 1.1. Download it here!

And for the main event! S.A.N.T.A. has once again added the Megacorps to the naughty list and brought presents for all the good little Edgerunners of Night City! This month we’re happy to share twelve classic pieces of cyberware from Cyberpunk 2020, bringing them into the Time of the Red with The 12 Days of Cybermas!

You can grab the December 2022 free DLC for Cyberpunk RED from our download section or by clicking here.

Until next time, choombas, stay safe on The Street!

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