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Witcher Watch: Travelers on the Road

Good day! As we close down the R. Talsorian Games offices for the winter holiday, we wanted to share one last gift for the year: a new, free DLC for The Witcher TTRPG!

The cover of Siriol's Handbook: Travelers on the Road. People wander to and fro in front of a four story stone building decorated with colorful flags.

Siriol de Arian returns, this time to discuss and share details not on monsters but on fellow travelers an adventurous party might encounter on the road! Siriol’s Handbook: Travelers on the Road adds stat blocks for Couriers, Scouts, and Smugglers to your The Witcher TTRPG game!

You can download Siriol’s Handbook: Travelers on the Road from the DLC section of this website or by clicking here.

Until next year, friends, stay safe on The Path!

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