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Black Chrome Peek Mark 1

Hey, choombas!

As we reported last week, Black Chrome is off to the printers and we’re hoping to see it up for sale starting towards the end of February/March!

Between now and then, though, we thought we’d share some sneak peeks into what you’ll find inside. For our first peek, we’ll give you a summary of the new Apps available for your Agent.

You’ll find five Apps to buy in Black Chrome and download onto your Agent. Here’s a summary of each.

  • Digital Gladiator by Segotari: Build a Solo and fight head to head against someone else by linking your Agent to their’s! Be careful, though! Losing means your Agent is fried. BTW, a lot of people build variations on the 8-bit Morgan Blackhand you see above.
  • 4Tify by SecSystems: They say this App can tell you how to fortify your home against attack but the truth is, it is better at finding weak spots in cover and giving you a bonus to the next damage you do against it.
  • NCPD Crime Database: Snap a pic. Compare it against NCPD’s crime database. Find out if you can get a bounty by wasting someone.
  • Trauma Team Medscan: Get a certified Trauma Team remote specialist to remote guide you through your medical procedure. Of course, you’re paying for the help.
  • Ziggurat City Database: A one-stop shop for all the juicy details on a specific city.

That’s all for this week! Next week we’ll offer another sneak peek at what you’ll find inside Black Chrome. Until then, stay safe on The Street.

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