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Cyberpunk RED Alert: Core Books and January DLC

Morning, choombas!

First, some news. As we noted earlier, we’re currently out of stock of the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook (in physical format) and it seems most stores are as well. We’re working on a reprint but we don’t have an ETA quite yet. As soon as we do, we’ll let folks know. We know demand is high so we’re working as quickly as the process allows. Promise.

Now, for some happier news! The January 2023 DLC for Cyberpunk RED!

This month we dragged Cody Pondsmith away from some secret Witcher plotting and scheming long enough to write about his signature character, Hornet, and gift you with a bunch of new chemical and chemical-related goodness!

Hornet’s Pharmacy brings you all sorts of new swag to add to your Cyberpunk RED campaign, including:

  • 4 new Street Drugs.
  • 3 Additive Compounds to boost Biotoxin and Poison.
  • 2 new Medtech Pharmaceuticals.
  • 1 new Drone.
  • And 2 new pieces of Cyberware.

You can download Hornet’s Pharmacy by visiting our Downloadable Content page or clicking here.

That’s all, choombas! We’ll have another sneak peek at Black Chrome on Friday. Until then, stay safe on The Street!