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Black Chrome Sneak Peek Mark 6

Morning, choombas! We’re close to the release of Black Chrome so this’ll be the last of our big sneak peek previews. Before we list out the weapons you’ll find in our upcoming book, though, let’s do a mini-FAQ!

Q: What is Black Chrome?

A: Black Chrome is a style and tech guide for Cyberpunk RED. Inside you’ll find new gear, linear frames, armor and fashion, weapons, apps, and more! You’ll also receive more info on the economy of Night City as well as details on six Night Markets Edgerunners can visit.

Q: When will it be released?

A: Black Chrome will be available for sale on February 27, 2023 (next Monday as of this posting) on our webstore (physical) and DriveThruRPG (digital). We hope it’ll make its way through the distribution chain and hit U.S. stores in the next few weeks. International stores will take longer, depending on the whims of shipping. The PDF will be up on Bits and Mortar next Monday as well, so check with your local store to see if they’ll give it to you with the pre-order.

Q: Page count and cost?

A: Black Chrome is a 168 full-color pages and bursting with art. The MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) is $40.00. The PDF on DriveThruRPG will be $20.00.

Q: Will it be on VTT?

A: There are plans to convert Black Chrome for use on both Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds. However, we don’t have an ETA onwhen they’ll be available there.

Q: I’m a retailer and having trouble ordering the book from a distributor. What do I do?

A: You’re always free to order directly from us! We love working with retailers. You can find more information about direct orders here.

Weapons Sneak Peek

Now, onto the sneak peek! This’ll be a big one, since we have four categories of weapons available in Black Chrome: Explosive. Melee. Thrown. Firearms. On with the show!

Explosive Weapons

  • Arachnid Grenade. Thwop! Cover enemies in goo and stick them to the ground.
  • GunMart Door Cracker. A focused explosive for breaking cover.
  • KillChip 100 Micro-Bomb. Looks like a memory chip. Explodes like a grenade.
  • KTech Security Grenade. SovOil’s preferred grenade for killing pirates without destroying the cargo those jerks are trying to steal.
  • Micro Hydrogen Combuster. Drop into a bottle of water. Watch bottle of water pop in an explosion of thermal energy and steam.
  • OUTLet Explosive. Looks like an outlet adaptor. Explodes like a grenade.
  • Shuriken Tornado Grenade. The ultimate shrapnel grenade. Sends tiny of little throwing stars in every direction.
  • TR-4 Detonator Fluid. Pour into CHOOH2 tank. Start car. Boom.
A futuristic looking sword with grooves along the blade.

Melee Weapons

  • Arasaka Weeping Reaver Katana. A nasty blade capable of coating itself in a variety of substances to help it set enemies on fire, break down armor, or leave wound salt inside the body (pictured above, art by Adrian Marc).
  • Faisal’s Magna Knuckles. Hurt them and disable their cyberware, all in one punch.
  • Kendachi Mono-Guard. A mono-line whip you can slip into your pocket.
  • Kendachi Mono-Katana. The original, classic mono-katana!
  • Kendachi Mono-Wakizashi. The original, classic mono-wakizashi!
  • Rostović Kleaver. The biggest, baddest blade around. Also, it can set people on fire.
  • SlamDance FangFist. Glove-based popout blade. Hits hard as it pops out.
  • SlamDance Tasmanskiy Klô. Long claws installed in a battleglove. They’ll have your prisoners peeing themselves.
  • Solo Wolf and Bot Mono-Katana. Anime tie-in toy. Real blade but not a real mono-katana.
  • Pursuit Security Bouncer. A stun baton and a microwaver built into a single housing.
  • White Hornet Tanto. A tanto with an electrical charge.
  • Zhirafa Rhinocefist. Can enhance punching or be a melee weapon. Interface plugs needed.

Thrown Weapons

  • Kendachi Mono-Star. A self-spinning mono-edged shuriken.
  • Ranger Combat Boomerang. Thrown only. Good at slicing people up. Can return to you with the right cyberware.
  • Utility Tomahawk. Not just a throwing weapon! Also a useful multi-use tool!
A big old autorifle with a giant ammo box.


  • Arasaka Prototype Variable Automatic Rifle. Rare. Expensive. Get the right parts and it is a railgun.
  • E-TACK Public Defender. A trigger-less pistol with both lethal and less-than-lethal settings.
  • Eagletech Survivalist. Someone mixed a crossbow with an assault rifle just for you!
  • Faisal’s Dead or Alive. The shotgun’s not so hot but you’ll love the net launcher.
  • Federated Arms Pepper Shaker. Only six shots needed for autofire in this ammo-conserving SMG.
  • Georgia Arms Matchmaker. Everyone needs a shotgun made out of plumbing supplies, right?
  • GunMart Bubba Buster. A cheap shotgun. Just don’t fire it too much too fast or it’ll warp.
  • GunMart Engage Rocket Launcher. A cheap rocket launcher. May blow up.
  • GunMart Special. A cheap pistol. May fall apart.
  • GunMart Smart Special. The same as the above but with a non-removable smartgun link.
  • Hades Multipurpose Assault Shotgun. Load lots of ammo. Load lots of different kinds of ammo. Pick what you shoot every time.
  • KTech TechHammer. Slugs. Shells. Smart Rockets. All in one weapon.
  • Midnight Arms Beast Shotgun. Did someone ask for a shotgun with a 40 round magazine? Here you go.
  • Militech Fox Duel Ammo Pistol. Two magazines. Two different types of ammo. Kind of cute.
  • Militech Mastiff SMG. Sometimes, you need a SMG. Sometimes you need a shotgun. Now you have both.
  • Militech Perseus. Captures kinetic energy after firing to allow it to boost from 1ROF to 2ROF.
  • ModFire 10X. Convertible weapon. Change it from pistol to SMG to Assault Rifle.
  • Nomad Rocker. It shoots rocks.
  • Overlord Handcannon. Looks intimidating unless you know it is a piece of GunMart dross.
  • Pursuit Security Crowd Buster. Can fire bullets or sound.
  • Rostović Ulični Uništitelj. Shove metal down the barrel and increase the damage.
  • Sanroo Hello Cutie Ultra-K8 Assault Pistol. You know the adorable gun from the core rulebook? This is it.
  • Sternmeyer M-04 Variable Assault. Assault rifle. Grenade launcher. Jams affect both modes, though.
  • Superchrome Glam Rifle. A shiny shiny assault rifle. Gives a bonus to Wardrobe and Style.
  • Superchrome Javelin. A shiny shiny sniper rifle. Gives a bonus to Wardrobe and Style.
  • Superchrome Sidearm. A shiny shiny pistol. Gives a bonus to Wardrobe and Style.
  • Techtronika Russia BMG-500. The number in the gun’s name? That’s how many rounds are in the magazine. Comes with a bipod (pictured above, art by Torben Weit).
  • Tommyknocker. A pistol with an undermounted shotgun. Yes, it is as ludicrous as it sounds.
  • Westwood. A movie accurate recreation revolver with a slide out screen so you can watch old flatvid action movies.

And we’re done! Whew! See everyone for the release on Monday! Stay safe in The Street!



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