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Cyberpunk RED Alert: April DLC!

Hey, choombas!

We hear you like video games. We do, too! Which is why we ask ourselves, every second of every day, how we can make our games more like a video game. That’s our top priority. The one driving goal behind everything we do, but it never seems to be enough. We know everyone craves the ability to take their online experiences offline. To bring the digital to the table. To transform their pen and paper paradigm into a virtual wonderland. How, we asked ourselves, do we cross the divide between scribbles and scratches and ones and zeroes to transform Cyberpunk RED into the ultimate gaming experience?

It hit us like a rock dropped from orbit, as if the Cyberdivine itself had blessed us with the perfect knowledge to deliver to you, on this day, our ultimate DLC for Cyberpunk RED.

You wanted Achievements? We’re giving you Achievements.

You wanted Loot Boxes? Oh, we’re giving you Loot Boxes.

Introducing our latest, greatest, most perfect Cyberpunk RED DLC ever!

Achievements and Loot Boxes! Our April Cyberpunk RED DLC offering. May it transform your dull and dreary game into the perfect expression of digital being better than boring old meat.

You can download it from our DLC section or by clicking on this link.

Happy April 1st, choombas! Stay safe on The Street!





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