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Cyberpunk RED Alert: May DLC!

Surprise, choombas! We’re releasing this month’s Cyberpunk RED DLC a day early! Why? Rule 4, baby!

Patrick Hamilton aka the King of Stickball aka Ricky stands against a graffiti-covered wall with his Stickball Stick slung across his shoulders. He's a young white man with some face scruff, wearing an open vest over his bare chest, black pants decorated with yellow piping, and a pair of boots.

This month, we’re bringing you the sport of The Street! Stickball is all about, well, playing Stickball! With full rules for the sport played by gangs – and other groups in Night City – to settle their differences with electricity and blunt force trauma instead of guns.

You can download Stickball from our DLC section or by clicking here!

Until next time, stay safe on The Street!





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