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A Word on The Witcher TTRPG

We know there’s Witcher fans out there waiting for more content for The Witcher TTRPG and we also know you’ve noticed our relative silence on the game line. Thank you for your patience.

The truth is, there are things happening behinds the scenes but we can’t talk about right now. As CD Projekt Red, our licensor, gears up for not one but multiple Witcher projects, our own plans have evolved. We need to keep step with them and not rush ahead, to ensure our lore matches their lore. To ensure a consistency across the Witcher universe.

That being said, we are working on something new for the game and hope to announce more about it at Gen Con 2023 during the R. Talsorian Games Q&A seminar. And, since we know the vast majority of gamers can’t attend Gen Con, we’ll also announce it here on our site and via social media.

Again, thank you for your patience, your support, and your love for the game.

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