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Danger Gal Dossier Sneak Peek Mark 4

Good news, everybody!

Danger Gal Dossier, the faction and NPC guide for Cyberpunk RED, is at the printer, approved, and in the queue! Assuming we beat the DV on our Printing and Shipping Skill Checks, we’ll see it hit our warehouse towards the middle to end of July. Once the physical book is firmly planted in the warehouse, we’ll begin selling it in our webstore and on digitally via DriveThruRPG. We’ll expect it to hit FLGS shelves in the United States sometime in August and internationally… well, sometime after. Hopefully September but our crystal ball there is foggy.

And yes, this means Danger Gal Dossier will be available for sale at Gen Con 2023! If you’re there, stop by Booth 249 to grab a copy!

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we thought we’d share a few statistics about Danger Gal Dossier with you!

  • Page Count: 176
  • MSRP: $40.00 (US)
  • ISBN: 978-1-950911-29-5
  • Number of Writers/Designers: 16
  • Number of Artists: 18
  • Number of Factions: 15 (or possible 16!)
  • Number of NPC Stat Blocks: 119
  • Number of NPCs w/ Miniatures Available from Monster Fight Club: 115
  • Number of Vehicle Stat Blocks: 3
  • Number of Drone Stat Blocks: 1 (2, technically)
  • Number of NET Architectures: 2
  • Number of Items Brought Over from DLCs to DGD (rules text included): 31
  • Number of Mooks: 16
  • Number of Mooks (Hardened): 18
  • Number of Lieutenants: 31
  • Number of Lieutenants (Hardened): 28
  • Number of Mini-Bosses: 6
  • Number of Mini-Bosses (Hardened): 10
  • Number of Bosses: 6
  • Number of Bosses (Hardened): 3
  • Number of NPCs w/ No Role: 20
  • Number of Exec NPCs: 4
  • Number of Fixer NPCs: 6
  • Number of Lawman NPCs: 10
  • Number of Media NPCs: 8
  • Number of Medtech NPCs: 8
  • Number of Netrunner NPCs: 8
  • Number of Nomad NPCs: 6
  • Number of Rockerboy NPCs: 8
  • Number of Solo NPCs: 38
  • Number of Tech NPCs: 10
  • Number of 6th Street NPCs: 5
  • Number of Bozo NPCs: 11
  • Number of Danger Gal Puma Squad NPCs: 5
  • Number of Digital Divas NPCs: 5
  • Number of Edgerunner NPCs: 16
  • Number of Generation Red NPCs: 8
  • Number of Maelstrom NPCs: 12
  • Number of NCPD NPCs: 11
  • Number of Network 54 NPCs: 3
  • Number of Piranhas NPCs: 3
  • Number of Sightseers (Nomad) NPCs: 5
  • Number of Team Monster NPCs: 6
  • Number of Trauma Team Squad NC4-2 NPCs: 7
  • Number of Tyger Claws NPCs: 10
  • Number of Zoners NPCs: 10

That’s all for this sneak peek! We’ll be showing you more in the lead up to Danger Gal Dossier’s release! In case you missed them, here’s sneak peek one, sneak peek two, and sneak peek three!

Until next time, stay safe on The Street!

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