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Blue Moon – Third Sneak Peek

Ready for your third sneak peek of Project: Blue Moon, our upcoming TTRPG set in an original universe, all created by Cody Pondsmith?

If you missed the first peek? Check here. For the second? Click here.

By the way, Project: Blue Moon is just our internal name for the game and not the final title. We’ll be revealing that tidbit later.

The Mechanized Empire: Steel Court

When the first Stewart Steam Turbine Engine was created its inventors couldn’t have possibly known what they had done. Wonders beyond imagination became commonplace. High-speed trains, soaring airships, even massive beasts of steel transformed the world – all powered by coal and steam. However, this is no fairy tale and progress so great demands sacrifice in equal measure. Luckily for those with power, the poor and disenfranchised are everywhere. Warm bodies to shovel the coal, haul the carts, and mold the metal. That is, until the fumes and the heat render them useless.
Our enemies have their pick of pawns in this world: the rich clinging to their power, the desperate masses struggling to survive, and the nationalist rebels fighting to free their homes from the grip of an Empire that promised them sanctuary and took from them their freedom.
This world approaches a war the likes of which have never been seen. But we cannot linger here too long. Return on October 31st and step through the gate again. To a world with a heartbeat. A dream of the silver screen where everyone has a story to tell.