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Cyberpunk RED Alert: PAX Unplugged and Holiday DLC!

We know, we know! It hasn’t even been a week since we posted our November Cyberpunk RED DLC, Daeric Sylar’s Guide to Elflines Online. But with a convention and end of year festivities coming up, we’ve decided to open the presents a bit early this year.

PAX Unplugged

First news, we will be at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia next weekend (12/10 thru 12/12)! You can find us at booth 2949 on the Expo Hall floor.

A section of the PAX Unplugged Expo Hall Map. R. Talsorian's booth, 2049, is circled.

We’ll be there selling books and chatting about Cyberpunk RED, The Witcher TTRPG, and our other games. Our partners at Monster Fight Club, right next door in booth 2947, will be showing off the Cyberpunk RED: Combat Zone miniatures skirmish game and talking about their new Borderlands miniature skirmish Kickstarter. We’ll even have a Syrinscape sound booth so you can check out their Cyberpunk RED soundsets!

If you’re attending PAX Unplugged and want to game with us, we are running five sessions: two Cyberpunk RED intros, two Witcher TTRPG intros, and one session of Mike’s famous “Mike Pondsmith Kills Your Cyberpunk Character” gauntlet. At last check, there were seats available in all but one game. You can sign up here.

December DLC!

And now for the gift that keeps on giving! We started planning the holidays early this year. James Hutt and J Gray sat down, discussed the December DLC, and asked, “What do Cyberpunk RED players want out of a holiday PDF?”. The answer, obviously, was guns! So, they snagged twelve guns (well, eleven guns and one chainknife) from Blackhand’s Street Weapons 2020 (a great Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook) and brought them up to speed to work in Cyberpunk RED! Each is an Exotic with a unique niche custom-crafted to add tactical mayhem to the Time of the Red.

What weapons did we pick, you might ask? Well, we wrote a little song about it…

For the twelve days of Gunmas my choomba printed for me:

Twelve Arasaka WAA Bullpup Assault Weapons autofiring.
Eleven Constitutional Arms Multiple Ammunition Pistols reloading.
Ten IMI Chainknives a'revving.
Nine Kendachi Dragon Flamethrowers burning.
Eight Magnum Opus Hellbringers a'bringing.
Seven Malorian Arms Sub-Flechette Guns a'ablating.
Six Militech Crushers a'crushing.
Five Mustang Arms ARS-5 Submachine Guns.
Four Nomad Pneumatic Bolt Guns.
Three Nova Model 757 Cityhunters.
Two Stolbovoy ST-5 Assault Rifles.
And a freshly melted Teen Dreem!

You can download The 12 Days of Gunmas (and our many other free PDF offerings!) from the DLC section of our site or by clicking here.

That’s it for now! Until next time, game well, have a great holiday, and stay safe on The Street!

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