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A Good Weekend for Cyberpunk Red on Roll20!

Hello, hello everyone!

Bringing you a bit of a heads up this weekend, because there are multiple things happening on the net you should be aware of. I’m sure you’re all aware that one of our officially supported VTTs is Roll20. This weekend gives you two chances to snag Cyberpunk Red at a steal!

The first is the Everything for your Adventures Bundle over at Humble Bundle. This deal has been going on now for a while, but on November 2nd, they revealed a new tier that contained Cyberpunk Red. While there are many great games in this bundle (including the Loke Battle Mats Cyberpunk pack for Roll20) we felt we should let you all know we’re in here too. This bundle will wrap up on November 9th! Head here to see it!

Now, the other special we need to let everyone know about is only going on this weekend, November 4th and 5th. Roll20Con 2023 has kicked off, and with it we have made sure not only Cyberpunk Red, but Black Chrome, Danger Gal Dossier, and Tales of the Red: Street Stories for Roll20 are included in the discounted modules! You can go here to see all of our titles, and snag them while it’s going on.

We hope you all enjoyed the Halloween Screamsheets DLC for October, and that your Halloween was a fun one.