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Cyberpunk RED Alert: November 2023 DLC

Sometimes, you need to know where to find what you’re looking for when browsing. Be it the trunks at Woodchipper’s, or the cozy tables above Short Circuit with 3-Piece, knowing where to look will save you time (or your own skin.) This month, it has been made a bit easier!

Brought together by a member of the Cyberpunk RED community, Anthony Savoie, the Night Market Index points anyone needing to find anything to the right spot in…anything! We’re talking chrome, guns, entertainment, vehicles, all of the good stuff. And it’s sourced from our numerous free DLC to our released supplements, every single thing that can be purchased or enjoyed is compiled here in one single spot! You can download the Night Market Index from the DLC page or by clicking this link.

Good luck in your future shopping trips, or REO Meatwagon trips…