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Blue Moon – Fourth Sneak Peek

Happy Halloween, everyone!

And of course, as we reach the end of the month of October, time for the new sneak peek at Project: Blue Moon, our upcoming TTRPG from Cody Pondsmith himself!

If you missed the first few peeks into our new game, don’t worry. Check here for the first. Click here for the second. And for the third, go right here to see it.

Also, Project: Blue Moon is not the real name of this game, just to be sure it’s mentioned. You’ll be finding out what it is very soon.

Now, how about that glimpse at our next world?

The Dream of the Silver Screen: 5th Street

There’s no place in Existence like the world of 5th Street. At first glance you might think it was a mundane place. A realm recovering from the war to end all wars. Caught up in glitz and excess and careening towards disaster no one wants to acknowledge. But if you take a closer look you’ll see the secret that makes 5th Street by far the strangest world we have yet discovered.
If you stand still anywhere in 5th Street you’ll start to notice dramatic stories playing out as though you were standing on a movie set. Masked vigilantes bounding across rooftops, torrid romances in the rain, police chases with mafia gunmen. It would seem that even the world itself contributes to these stories. As if guided by the hand of some unseen director the sunsets are picture perfect, the rain falls perfectly to highlight a sorrowful moment, and if you listen closely you can hear the drips, drops, clangs, and hisses of the environment forming music.
Yes, 5th Street is a fascinating conundrum but it isn’t our final destination. There’s one more stop before you can begin. Return on November 30th and step through the gate one final time. To the world we were too late to save. A world where humanity saved itself through sheer chance. Where the last children of Earth are trapped in purgatory. Forced to choose between clinging to their dead home or embracing the unknown.