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Tales of the RED Update: Org Notes

Greetings, choombas! We’re buried deep in prepping for Gen Con 2022 so this last update before the release of Tales of the RED: Street Stories will be a quick one! Buckle in!

So far, we’ve shown off some of the NPCs you’ll be meeting, a few of the in-world ads you’ll enjoy, places you’ll be traveling, and broken Tales of the RED down by the numbers. Today, we’ll be showing off a bit on the organization of the book. As before, please be aware there might be minor spoilers in what we’re about to reveal.

We’ve already shared an image of the Table of Contents page but, just in case you missed it, here it is again!

Tales of the RED Table of Contents page. It lists 9 missions and 3 appendices. The missions are: A Night at the Opera, Reaping the Reaper, Agents of Desire, Staying Vigilant, A Bucket Full of Popcorn-Flavored Kibble, Bathed in Red, Drummer and the Whale, One Red Night, and Haven't Got a Stitch to Wear. The appendices are Appendix A: Mooks and Defenses, Appendix B: Locations, and Appendix C: Biographies.

As you might notice, the Table of Contents only lists the missions and appendices. The chapters, if you will, of the book. Don’t worry! Once you head to the first page of any mission you’ll encounter the mission splash page as well as a mission-specific table of contents.

The table of contents for the mission Reaping the Reaper. It reads: Reaping the Reaper, the Call is Coming from Inside Your Head!
Sections are Background, Rest of the Story, Setting, Opposition, Hook, Dev (The Pickup), Cliff (Drone Fight), Dev (A Hunting Party), Cliff (Freefall), Cliff (The Long Climb), Dev (Virtex's Virtual Venue), Cliff (Biodrone Strike), Dev (Biodrone Hunting), Cliff (Biodrone Blitz), Dev (Another Pickup), Cliff (Sushi Showdown), Dev (A New Plan), Cliff (Up on the Roof), Dev (The Briefing), Climax (The Reaper), Resolution (Reaper Unreaped), Resolution (At the Hope), NET Architectures, NPC Stat Blocks.

If you’re familiar with A Book of Tales, our adventure compilation for The Witcher TTRPG, you might recognize the various headers presented in the above table of contents. Each mission in Tales of the RED has been written using the Beat Chart system from the Cyberpunk RED core rulebook. Some missions move in a fairly linear way, from Hook to Development to Cliffhanger and so forth but others have branching paths where the choices your Crew makes might lead away from one event and towards another. At the end of each beat, the GM will always receive clear instructions on which beat to travel to next. As an example…

A section of text from the book. It reads: If the Crew tries to contact La Lune Bleue directly as investigators, go to Cliff (The Gatekeeper). If the Crew decides, instead, to infiltrate the restaurant, go to Cliff (A High Class Joint).

For those of you getting the digital version of Tales of the RED: Street Stories, we’ve continued our tradition of hyperlinking the heck out of the book. Any text in the red “go to X” font leading to a page in the document is a link and can be clicked on. Of course, the Table of Contents (both the main one and the mission ones) are all hyperlinked as well.

In addition, if you click on the mission title at the top of a page you’ll be taken to the first page of the mission.

A chapter title at the top of a mission page. It reads A Night at the Opera.

And if you click on the page number at the bottom of a page, you’ll be transported to the main Table of Contents.

The footer of page 6 from Tales of the RED.

Tales of the RED: Street Stories will debut this Thursday (August 4) at Gen Con at Booth #1841 and we expect it to hit start hitting stores by the end of the month. We’ll also be releasing it digitally on DriveThruRPG on August 4th. If your local store participates in Bits and Mortar, they’ll have access to the digital version starting August 4th as well, so if they’re doing presales, they should be able to slip you a copy of the PDF.

That’s it for this final preview! Time for us to catch our flights! See you soon, choombas! Until next time, stay safe on The Street!

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