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Developer’s Logs

Crawl into the minds of R. Talsorian Games‘ leading developers by reading through the journal entries they’ve written to talk about making the games we’re known for.


Out hard working Cyerpunk team occasionally takes a break to lift up the curtain, just a little, and show off the Dark Future.

Cyberpunk Red Core Rulebook

Cyberpunk Red Jumpstart Kit


When they’re not busy exploring the Continent or Tossing Coins, our Witcher team takes time to write a devlog or two!

Book of Tales

A Witcher’s Journal

Lords and Lands

Witcher Easy Mode

The Sage’s Answers

Since the debut of The Witcher TRPG, lead developer Cody Pondsmith has been answering questions from the community about the game.

The Witcher Core Rulebook